Your Trusted Security Partner

Civil Defence Force has taken a unique approach to the business of contract security by ensuring we have a fully-integrated platform that combines technology and physical manpower. Our approach involves a proactive theory of exceptionally trained, well-groomed and uniformed, PSIRA-registered Security Officers. Our strategy entails several steps to mitigate the possibility of theft of property and/or risk of injury to persons within any facility.

Risk analysis allows us to examine the risks that you or your organisation could be faced with. It is based on a structured approach by our highly experienced Managers, followed by an evaluation of the probability and cost of events occurring.

All risk indicators are measured, formulated and calibrated through our innovative risk formulas that we apply to all sectors of security.

Civil Defence Force provides a comprehensive security solution to a broad spectrum of clientele and industries, which is administered through experienced personnel and various advanced security technologies. Civil Defence Force Tactical Reaction Vehicles are equipped with holding cells, firefighting equipment and first aid equipment. Ensuring we entrench ourselves within communities, we have equipped our vehicles with electronic tablets to ensure Facebook, WhatsApp and EMS information is easily shared. Civil Defence Force revolutionary state-of-the-art Nerve Centre allows us to combat urban crime effectively and with precision. Our urban soldiers that man our Tactical Vehicles are Civil Defence Force trained to ensure positive resolution for you and your loved ones.